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This is one of the coolest products I’ve found.  I want this…not just for my kids…but for myself.  I grew up loving remote controlled cars, but never thought about how my remote control was telling the car what to do.  So this breaks it down to the logic level.  My kids will have this toy soon.


Here’s what they say it’s about…why they made it…and who they are:

Primo Kickstarted late 2013 by London based company Solid Labs with a simple mission: Introducing programming logic to children, taking them from a basic introduction at preliterate age all the way to the command line.

Children play with computing concepts like algorithms and the sequence of instructions, developing a logical mind-set necessary to learn real programming.

The goal of the game is to guide a smiling robot called cubetto to his destination by creating instruction sequences using colourful instruction blocks.

By creating these simple algorithms children learn the logical foundations of programming, necessary for more advanced coding later on in life.

Primo is an intuitive and tactile product, designed with natural materials to hide all electronic components for a magical and playful learning experience.

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