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Tomy Gearation Toy

This toy isn’t about code directly, but is in the engineering/architecture realm.  So I was at my family’s lakehouse this past weekend, and saw this on their fridge.  My daughter, and my nephew both played with this toy a lot, but I found myself being drawn to it probably more than they were.

In the startup world it’s not just about the idea or product, but it’s about how that product works.  And these gears you setup in different ways…you press a button on the large gear…and it makes all of the gears turn.  So you get this instant feedback if things are connected correctly.

I’m buying these for the house…maybe for me to play with.

Here’s what they say about the toy:

Power driven, battery-operated central gear features on/off switch. Comes with 5 additional crazy, kooky gears. Perfect note-posting pieces with extra flair and fun. Ages 3 to 7 years.

Tomy Gearation Toy

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