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So a good friend of mine just let me know about Tynker. I’ve seen similar apps, but none that go this deep into what you can do with code.

They have the obvious, move this item from here to there, but they take it up a notch by letting kids make their own games.  So a child could make a basketball game where you’re taking into account physics, and pass it off to their friend and let them play it.  That’s pretty freakin awesome.

Here’s how they describe the app:
Tynker is designed to take kids from zero programming experience to mainstream languages, such as Javascript, completely within the Tynker learning environment. Kids quickly make ideas a reality, without having to understand programming syntax.


All of the guided tutorials and exercises, badges and levels, and powerful creativity tools provided with the purchase of a Tynker course, incent progress and provide unlimited creativity value – motivating kids to go beyond “learning to program.”

Another really cool thing about Tynker is it’s not just an app.  Tynker has an entire summer camp program.  Where older kids & teachers will help teach your kid how to code.

Tynker Code Classes

My daughter is still a bit young for the classes, but I can’t wait to take her to some of these classes.

Download the Tynker iPad App

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