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They aren’t just banging on your keyboard

Every parent deals with this on a regular basis.  You walk in the room, and you see your daughter or son just banging on your keyboard.  You instantly grab it from them, thinking that they are just banging to destroy it, but maybe they aren’t.

Maybe they are hacking your computer?

5-Year Old Kid Finds A Security Exploit On The Xbox One, Gets A Researcher Credit

Here’s a quick breakdown.  Dad set parent controls on his Xbox One, and his son figured out that by hitting the spacebar x amount of times, and then hitting enter, it bypassed the security all together.

There is a code reference/story to this whole post.  And that is young children grasp so much more than we realize.  This kid was 5, but already knew about security limitations, and like any typical hacker he took a chance and tried to figure out pass keys.

You children are bombarded with technology daily, and they understand it better than you most of the time.  So next time you try to lock your kids out of digital devices, just remember that they probably have a camera setup that’s recording the passcode you type in.

5 Year Old Kid Finds a Security Exploit on the Xbox One, Gets a Researcher Credit


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