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What is Little Devs?


Little Devs was started from a pure “want” for my kids.  I’m a dad of 2 beautiful children, Era Moon Hernandez (2 years old) & Hawk Hernandez (10 Months old), and I’m an Entrepreneur/Designer by trade. (see my work at

Being a both a startup person and a designer seems like it would be great, because not only can I come up with ideas, but I can design them to be beautiful products.  IN REALITY, the fact that I’m not a developer means that all of these beautifully designed product ideas just sit there collecting dust unless I can pay a developer to build them.

I’ve made it a point, that MY KIDS ARE GOING TO BE DEVELOPERS.  I want to instill into my kids that they can dream up ideas, design them, build them, and put them out in the world.

But in my search for products to buy my kids tech-development related products to start their education, I found that there was NOTHING for my kids.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are tons of products, and resources out there for kids and coding.  But my kids are toddlers, and the majority of the products out there are for kids 5 and up.

I realized that there was a real hole in early development for children in the tech field.  So what am I doing about it?

1. I decided to start, where I can showcase all of the cool products relating to teaching kids how to code.

2. I’m developing a line of toys, to fill this gap (Kickstarter coming soon)